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As told in Chaos, Gaia, Eros, the word "Chaos" or "XAOS" came into use only in ancient Greece (Hesiod), yet had a prehistory in the Goddess religions of the Old World. One survival into our patriarchal epoch is in Tiamat, the chaos goddess of Babylon before Marduk. Her image was watery, in the mixture of two currents, but there is reason to believe that the two currents were actually in the sky: the two sides of the Milky Way. As we now know, the Milky Way is our flat, spiral galaxy, seen from earth, circling an orbit quite oblique to the plane of the galaxy, and rather far from the center. Thus, depending on the time of year, we see the "northern" or the "southern" half of the galaxy. If the two sky images are superimposed, an X is formed, a perfect sign of chaos. The Incas thought this so important that they imitated the X of the Milky Way in the NW-SE and NE-SW street grids of their cities, Cuzco, Misminay, and Machu Picchu in Peru. RHA

Welcome to an online interdimensional portal. This sacred space has been created so that the thoughts and ideas within the various projects can be shared freely amongst the global online community. The concepts which are explored within this site are intended as serve as gateways into the world of infinity, a world beyond words, definitions, cultural programming, and spatial-temporal preconceptions. I hope that by experimenting with new forms of communication, we can develop new understandings of nature and reality which will allow all of us to reconnect with the living spirit of the universe. I also hope that this material will have a strong impact on the collective consciousness of the human species, as well as the entire planet.

In today's reality of corporate sponsored mental slavery and wide-spread environmental/ecological disaster areas, it seems that we, the human species, have reached a critical point in our evolution. Its already to late in the day to solve our problems by phasing out hydro-carbon based fuels, by reorganizing the world's financial and governmental institutions, or by engineering more advanced versions of the assembly line. What we need is a shift in planetary consciousness, an explosion of radiant conscious energy which can reshape our entire perception of the universe in a single instant of N:OW. All we need is love. All we need is love. All we need is love.

13 moons


Every thought, every sound, everything, if we can imagine, has transformed itself infinitely many times through the manifestations of every other thing across all frequencies and between all dimensions. Thus, a thing's natural state, from the viewpoint of infinity is absolute nothingness. From our perspective, presently, everything manifests according to our interpretation and perception. Any sound can be manifested as any other once you fly through the heart of infinite possibility. Everything is an expression of Krsna. All memory is His memory. In the most specific sense, reality is an individual creation. In the broadest sense, reality is a consensus creation collectively perceived by all beings. The shape of the universe sounds like whatever the Infinite Being is thinking Right N:OW. Everything is infinite dimensional love right N:OW for all eternity.

global consciousness

The Great Convergence of the Three Jewels

The infinite spirit I am. The spirit I am lies deep within the heart of anything you can point to. Her body is a crystal light network of vibrating frequencies, vibrating as one. And we dance as one under the one giver of movement and measure. Hunab Ku. The Great Convergence of the Three Jewels is a collectively synchronized unification of galactic, solar, and planetary levels of consciousness. The Great Convergence marks the attainment of critical mass within human consciousness, thus effectively triggering the human collective imagination as an extension of planetary consciousness within the context of a galactic community.

According to the Zuvuya principal, all things will be synchronized and reconnected back with their Essence Self, which exists Now eternally beyond space-time as the Luminosity of the Infinite Being. Its only a “matter” of “time” that appears to separate us from the infinite potential we are destined to actualize for the good of all beings. N:ow is the intersection of Hunab Ku’s infinite dimensional Universal Heart. 2012 is right N:ow.

Hunab Ku

Nonlocal Morphic Crystallizations of the Gaian Mind

The field of cosmic imagination, inclusive of all past and future memories across infinite fractal dimensions of probabilistic manifestations, exists right here & now. The dimensionality of this fundamental reality is so great that its presence cannot be directly perceived through the physical modes of sensory perception, nor through the mental modes of analytic thought forms. Although subtle and elusive, the experience of this mystery is potent and accessible, and can be realized by awakening the inner eye of one's higher self.

This uncountably infinite dimensional basis of the cosmic superdynamic is the singular momentary illumination of All That Is, and originates beyond all fields of time-space. Indeed, self reflections of this infinite source, cast along various dimensions of being, generate the very fabric of reality and the structure of time-space. The reflections echo in fractal waves creating a resounding projection of dynamic interference patterns. The memory of the holomovement's entire evolutionary transformations are coded nonlocally throughout the landscape of mental fields and subsequent manifestations of time-space. The transformation of the basin of greatest attraction, in time, generates the morphogenetic chreodes of noospheric landscapes. The choice of direction, existence, and dimension of temporal flux is optional.

eternal consciousness

Omega Field Theory

The fundamental idea is that the evolution of natural systems can be represented qualitatively in terms of morphing nonlinear fields of probabilistic tendencies. By extending the concepts of attraction and bifurcation into superspace, we can imagine that the overarching dynamic rule which generates a family of evolving probabilistic systems may itself be evolving probabilistically. It is now also theoretically possible to consider the likelihood that these infinite levels of nested probabilistic systems are integral aspects of one infinite dimensional superspace system. This abstract system, which we have been conveniently referring to as Ωt, represents the universal superdynamic system, or omega field, which is responsible for the generation and evolution of all possible dynamic systems which occur in nature.





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