the road map is Krsna
(infinite – dimensional notes)

N:OW is a field of infinite possibilities.
Consciousness, as an interwoven unbounded matrix of thought forms,
is structured as nested hierarchies of fields within fields;
Each field is analogous to a chaotic attractor;

Fundamental applications of attractor dynamics and formative causation;
The mind as receiver/transmitter;
Feedback mapping, re-mapping, of morphic fields;
The process of resonance with different fields based on different frequencies;

Urobuoros: consciousness finds itself sexy;
Matrix is formed by consciousness repeatedly and progressively forming relationships with itself;

Frequency of Infinity: Resonance with the field of the One;
The Field of the One: a field of uncountably infinite dimension;
Continuously going into itself;
The Cusp of Creativity;           


N:OW is a field of infinite possibilities.
An idea is a field of finite possibilities;
Each field within the field of the One represents an idea or memory;
Each memory is a projection into a lower dimension;
Essentially a reflection of the One, a relational structure;
Tangent to the frequency of infinity;
The field of the One as Great Attractor;

The Goal: to hone in and amplify the frequency of infinity going into itself for some interval;
To ride a wave within the eternal moment of now;
The ocean, an infinite sea of memory;
The surface, an unfolding progression of an infinite dimensional Universal Consciousness;

One mirror, mind, crumpled tightly;

The principle is Love; 
The road map is Krsna; 

Structure: attractors, morphic fields, hyperspace;
Visualizing Hypdimensions: 4D fundamentals, the N + 1 dimension, geometry, properties;
Process: The EYE, perception, self-relation, reflections;
Accessing: morphic resonance, Broadest Sense, frequency;

We are consciousness, Perception is reality;    

Defining the B. S >  The more people that believe something is real, the more real it is;
The more reality it has;
Through your perception, you create reality;
But so does everyone else;
We are all creators => You have access to all of it;

The broadest sense is the summation of perception

Lets do structure in terms of Chaotic Attractors and Morphic Fields;
Resonance    >>>    levels of specificity;
Fields of habit, memory  >>>   Based on similarity;
Its all connected      >>>     Attractors w/in attractors.;
Mind  >>>  transceiver //receiver  >>>   tune to different fields by process of morphic resonance;

You have control over the dial;
If you’re tuned to certain field, you are acting in resonance with that attractor
Relative realities only something relative to some thing else  ( 2 specific )
Feed-back mapping   

Group Perception  1 + 1 = 1
Ultimate reality is not relative

Practice pointing
Looking at IT
Listen to ITs music

7- Mind centers : spinning vortices                                      
Turn on :  N’ Sync
Turn off:  Polarization

Your Mind is The Universal Mind;

Consciousness originates beyond the boundaries of Time - Space!!!

Everything is Infinite Dimensional Love Right N:oW for All Eternity!!!