El Calendario Galactico

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     This Calendar, originally programmed and designed by Alain Galtie, is a powerful tool which will greatly expand the conscious vibration of our entire world.  Follow the hyperdimensional nonlinear flow of Natural Time by Synchronizing with the Tzolkin, the 260 day Sacred Calendar of the Maya.

     You can easily travel using many other major light/energy cycles within the Mayan Calendar.  Experiment with Wavespells, the Haab, Castles, Hours, Chromatics, Harmonics, and many other cycles.

     The most unique feature of this program is the ability to switch between different counts of the Tzolkin.  You can choose from the Arguelles, Galactic, or Quiche counts. It is most helpful if you have a detailed source on the meaning behind the energies of the various glyphs and numbers.  Personally, I recommend the Mayan Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury, www.holographicgoddess.com

*note: while exploring the sub menus of the program, if you want to switch calendar systems (i.e. Galactica to Quiche), you must first return to the home page "All about the day", switch systems, and then go back to the sub menu for the dates to be updated correctly.

     Although much of the program is in Spanish, or Mayan, the dates and the basic descriptions for each day are in English.  There may still be bugs in the time coding, but trans-temporal performance is currently rated at 97%.  The file runs the best using Internet Explorer.  (sorry, does not work in Firefox)

     The emphasis of this program is not necessarily to know exactly the correct symbol for each day. Even if we assume the indigenous Maya had this information, we cannot assume that their count has been preserved exactly over the last 700 years. The objective of this program is to introduce a new way of thinking about light/time/space/energy/mass, and to facilitate collective peace by encouraging humanity to reconnect spiritually with nature.

     In fact, there are many other civilizations throughout our galaxy who are using this type of calendar system, some of which are millions of years more evolved than humanity. This is because the Tzolkin is a reflection of the underlying synchronic fractal basis of reality, including consciousness.

     Although we are commonly interested in cycles in terms of 'time', in the galactic perspective we are also interested in cycles in terms of 'scale'. For this, the Mayan calendar is especially well adapted, and appears to be a primary feature. By using only the Tzolkin, based on a galactic scale factor, the Classic Maya were able to map many other cycles from planets, eclipses, to sunspots, and even cycles of civilizational advances.

     Our current version of this system, left to us by the Maya, can be seen as a set of training wheels for humanity. We are now witnessing the advent of a new galactic civilization here on Earth. As we get reacquainted with others within our broader galactic community, we will update, refine, and synchronize this calendar system to an optimal level of performance. The main idea for now is to open our hearts, and re-discover our true connection to nature.

Have fun!

Here are the current components of the program.

All about the day
A day with hours
4 days with hours
4 days in spiral
4 days in quarters
4 days in harmony
The 20 wavespells
Castle in 4 wavespells
Castle in 13 harmonies
Haab month w/ days in serpent
Haab year w/ months in serpent
Tzolkin in Quarters
Evolution in Harmonies
13 Evolutions
Galactic Mayan Time Science
About this program

Standard Mayan timing units:

1 day = 1 kin (kin is the fundamental unit)
1 wavespell = 13 kin
1 vinal (1 month in the Haab calendar) = 20 kin
1 tun = 18 vinal = 360 kin
1 haab (18 vinal + 5 kin) = 365 kin
1 katun = 20 tun = 7,200 kin
1 baktun = 20 katun = 144,000 kin
1 world age (long count creation cycle) = 13 baktun = 5200 tun
= 1/5 of 26,000 tun grand cycle of the precession of the equinoxes.


Thanks Alain for everything!

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