Genius Frequency

….All mater, all energy, all frequencies flow and interact through all creation as codified open holographic matrices of thought-forms expanding and compressing into eternity…. 

….All creation is contemplated into existence. You have become everything that you have ever contemplated, for it is the essence of the desire to know and one cannot know until one becomes….

….Therefore, the appearance of good and evil, and life and death is an illusion shared by those who contemplate it; giving it a personal reality, not a universal truth….

The formula is quite simple: When you master your thought-forms while in a three dimensional body, you resonate with the Genius Frequency. Then you generate a feedback loop of consciousness-awareness that builds upon itself, creating a body of Light around and within the existing elemental body. 

When the resonance is strong enough, a continuous current of SuperLight is activated that begins amplify and  raise the overall frequency of the atomic structure of the molecules of the body. The result is that you quite literally become another dimension, body and all.
G. Frequency